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Gmail Different User Login is easy especially when you need to check your email messages from a friend’s PC. In most cases when you want to access your Gmail inbox and your device isn’t available, you can make use of any near device, and it is seen as Guest Sign in. With this, you can sign in to your Gmail Account as a different user.

Your Gmail Account is just for you and you alone, and that is why, when you log in as a different user on someone’s device, you should do well to following some basics in order not to permit the third party accessing your Email messages.

When you sign in, make sure you take the steps given here because that will make others not to be able to use your Google account, or see that you actually signed in to your account on that device.

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Signing in to your Gmail Account generally will require some information talk more when you want to sign in on other people’s devices. You will need the following:

  • Your Registered Email Address or username
  • Password

With the aforementioned, You can Sign in on other devices by what we call the “Gmail (Google) different user login“. When you do so, make sure to take some security measures to sign out. Without much ado, let us take you through the steps to Sign in to your Gmail Account as a Guest.

Steps To Gmail Different User Login

Note: This is Someone’s device, o you might find the person’s account already logged in, So to access your own Gmail Account, See Steps below:

  1. From the PC browser, Go to
  2. Click on the Person’s profile icon or Image icon at the top right and click sign out
  3. When Signed out, At that same top right, Click on Sign in
  4. Then Click on the Person’s Email Address displayed on the next screen and Select Use Another AccountSteps To Gmail Different User Login | Guest Sign in
  5. Input your Email Address or Phone Number in the space provided and Click on “Next”
  6. Enter your Gmail password and Click on Next Then Click on Gmail at the top right to See your Email messages.

That’s All. But make sure you log out when you are done. See the Steps to Gmail Log out

Google in most cases advice that its users should use a private browser if the device they are signing in from doesn’t belong to them and to do browse in private, You should make use of the following steps.

Gmail Guest Sign In Private Browser

  • On the PC chrome browser, Simply Click on the button with a name or People
  • Click ”Open Guest Window” and go to and sign in to your account
  • Now you can access your Gmail inbox, after which you can Click Guest at the top right and then click on Exit Guest.

For Other Kinds of browsers, You can use the Steps to Gmail Different User Login Given above.

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