How To Turn Facebook Face Recognition On or Off For My Account?

Facebook Face Recognition API makes it easy for Facebook Platform to access your Facebook account without your account details and also help to notify you about your account activities. With this, you must be notified when someone wants to access your FB Account regardless of you being online or not. And this is one reason why most people have been really longing to see How To Turn Face Recognition On or Off

Just in case you have been really longing to know How To Turn Facebook Face Recognition On or Off, I guess it will also interest you to know how Facebook uses face recognition?

You see, is very important you know that Facebook technology analyzes the pixels in photos and videos, such as your profile picture and photos and videos that you’ve been tagged in, to calculate a unique number, which we call a template.

Facebook Face Recognition API However, then compare other photos and videos on Facebook to this template and if you have been found as a match, then FB will recognize you. But you should also understand that If you are untagged from a photo or video, information from those untagged photos and videos is no longer used in the template.

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With this brief explanation above I guess, you have already gotten an insight on how it works. Meanwhile, check below to see the mean point you also need to know.

How does Facebook use face recognition?

Without taking much of the time here, check the below tips to learn some examples of how Facebook may use face recognition:

  • Suggest that others tag you. And also Let you know when you might appear in photos or videos but haven’t been tagged.
  • Identify people in photos they’re not tagged in for people who use a screen reader.
  • Detect when an account may be pretending to be you. and stuff like that.

NOTE that ONE THING Facebook those not have yet is a face recognition features that tell strangers who you are this is why this FB face recognition features are is currently only available in certain locations, and will only appear in your profile if you are at least 18 years old.

How To Turn Facebook Face Recognition On or Off For My Account?

This is just very easy after which you must have understands How The Face Recognition really works. So check it out to see how you can turn it Off or On Free.

To turn face recognition on or off for your account:

Click in the top right of Facebook and select Settings after you must have Login Your Facebook Account

In the left column, click Face Recognition.How To Turn Facebook Face Recognition On or Off For My Account?

Go to Do you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos? and click Edit.

Select Yes or No to confirm your choice.

NOTE: If your face recognition setting is set to off, we delete the template.


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