How To Transfer Facebook Photos Or Videos To Google Photos And More

You can transfer Facebook Photos or videos to Google photos, Koofr, or even Dropbox when you adhere to the basic instructions that have been outlined here. Facebook is a social platform where you can meet a lot of people, upload your photos, and videos. So getting to save them (photos and videos) in another service has been made possible.

Effortlessly, you can move or make copies of your photos or videos on Facebook to other services as mentioned above. This tool was introduced by Facebook to give its users the best of services especially when it comes to keeping memories.

Most times, people upload photos and videos on Facebook just to store time there in case they no longer have access to them on their mobile device, they can view them from the social network. In as much as this is good, some people forget their Facebook Login details (of course, you can do a reset) thereby losing all details in their account.

So you can see that transferring your photos and videos to other services (Koofr, Dropbox, Google Photos) can be beneficial to some extent.

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Your photos and videos will be saved to the said services, and you get the full access to it anytime and any day provided you have access to the platforms.

How To Transfer Facebook Photos Or Videos

Follow the steps below to transfer your Facebook files (photos or videos) to your Google photos, Koofr, or Dropbox.

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Once you adhere to the steps given above, your Facebook photos or videos will be successfully transferred to your desired location.

Do you have any questions on this method to Transfer Facebook Photos Or Videos To Google Photos And More, feel free to use the comment box. Also, share this article on your social media account so that others can know about it.


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