How To Login & Cancel Spotify Subscription: Spotify Premium Cancellation

There are no hard feelings, you can cancel Spotify Subscription when you no longer need the premium service. Canceling your Subscription is not Deleting your account. As a matter of fact, when you can your subscription, you will be reversed to a Free Based Service after any remaining premium time runs out.

In canceling your Subscription, You must first log in to that account you want to Unsubscribe from its premium service answer are going to show all the steps here.

You can cancel your Subscription anytime, as Long as you know the steps to take. Canceling your Subscription Will stop Spotify from billing you and also You will be Limited to Some Features.

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Remember, We stated earlier that your account will be reverted to a Free based Service, this Service contains Ad, unlike the Premium Service which doesn’t Showcase ads thereby making you carry out whatever you are doing On Spotify without interruptions.

Spotify Account Login

To login to your account in order to carry out the Steps in Canceling your Subscription, You have to follow the steps below:

  • Go to and click on Login
  • Enter your Registered Email Address or Password
  • Click Login to access the Spotify Dashboard
  • You can also Click On “Login With Facebook” and Enter your Facebook Login Details to access Spotify Dashboard from there.

How To Cancel Spotify Subscription

  • On your Spotify Dashboard, Click on Subscription in the menu on the left
  • Click on Change or Cancel
  • Then Click on Cancel premium
  • Next, Click Yes, Cancel.
  • Your account page now shows the date you’ll return to the Free service. 

You can use the Steps above on the web or Spotify App.

If you Subscribed through another company, Spotify will not able to help you cancel your subscription since they manage your subscription and payment. So what you have to do is to Contact the company.

With the given steps above, your Subscription will be canceled and you will be returned to the Free Based Service. if you have any Question on How to Cancel Spotify Subscription, then Feel Free to use the COMMENT BOX Below.


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